Program Information

Unmatched Athlete hosts LGBTQ+ Youth Climbing Days in partnership with Movement East Gyms, starting in March 2022. In 2023, Climbing Days will be offered on a monthly basis, as described in the 2022 End-of-Year Newsletter.

Climbing days will be $5 per-youth fee for first 20 slots. Once filled, Movement will provide a $10 day pass. See event webpage for details.


Sat. Jan. 28 12-2:30pm

Movement Columbia

Age 13-18

Ropes & Bouldering


Sat. Feb. 25 12-3pm*

Movement Hampden

Ages 5-12



Sat. Mar. 25 12-2:30pm*

Movement Timonium

Ages 13-18

Ropes & Bouldering

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