One of the challenges we want to address in 2023 is to procure enough funds to assist families that do not have a consistent means of transportation to attend our events. We have heard from a number of parents and youths who have expressed an interest in attending our events but experience difficulty doing so due to a variety of circumstances such as scheduling, not owning a vehicle and distance. Approximately 98% of all the parents who have attended our events with their child(ren) own at least one vehicle.

We want to reach out to the population of households who have issues with transportation and/or may be preoccupied during weekends to attend any of our events with or without their child(ren). Rides to/from events will be available to a select number of families, via Lyft/Uber promo code. More details to be shared soon. 

So far, we thank the Baltimore Community Foundation for providing us funds to support this program by helping families that reside in the Baltimore area.

Interested in participating? We’re still planning things for a February 2023 launch. Contact us or email