We’re a non-profit organization:

The objectives and purpose of Unmatched Athlete are to:

  1. Encourage youth who identify as LGBTQ+ to explore their athletic creativity and become well-versed student athletes that excel beyond their time in school.
  2. Organize weekend and seasonal games to create a safe space for youth who identify as LGBTQ+ and for allies to play and have fun.
  3. Feature tournaments, after-school fitness, and other social outings such as field trips, sporting events and alike.
  4. Actively promote academic excellence alongside sports and fitness.
  5. Fund stipends and scholarships for a path to collegiate sports, especially for Black (African-American) LGBTQ+ youth.
  6. Advocate for LGBTQ+ visibility by modeling civic engagement within communities.

How We Respect One Another

The top values that Unmatched bestows upon youth are:

  • Be Ambitious Encourage Strength, Passion, and Effort. 
  • Be Creative Encourage Imagination, Nimble, and Curiosity.
  • Be Authentic Encourage Awareness and Courage.
  • Be Competitive Encourage Spirit and Loyalty. 
  • Be Humble Encourage Grace, Respect, and Empathy. 
  • Be Optimistic Encourage Hope, Confidence, and Faith.