We’re a non-profit organization: Our objectives and purpose of Unmatched Athlete are to:

  1. Encourage youth who identify as LGBTQ+ to explore their athletic creativity and become well-versed student athletes that excel beyond their time in school.
  2. Organize weekend and seasonal games to create a safe space for youth who identify as LGBTQ+ and for allies to play and have fun.
  3. Feature tournaments, after-school fitness, and other social outings such as field trips, sporting events and alike.
  4. Actively promote academic excellence alongside sports and fitness.
  5. Fund stipends and scholarships for a path to collegiate sports, especially for Black (African-American) LGBTQ+ youth.
  6. Advocate for LGBTQ+ visibility by modeling civic engagement within communities.

Unmatched’s gatherings create a safe and supportive environment where youth who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies can play and express their athletic creativity. This space will help their development as they grow to become instrumental members in our society.

How We Respect One Another

The top values that Unmatched bestows upon youth are:

  • Be Ambitious Encourage Strength, Passion, and Effort. 
  • Be Creative Encourage Imagination, Nimble, and Curiosity.
  • Be Authentic Encourage Awareness and Courage.
  • Be Competitive Encourage Spirit and Loyalty. 
  • Be Humble Encourage Grace, Respect, and Empathy. 
  • Be Optimistic Encourage Hope, Confidence, and Faith.