Our Team: Board and Volunteers

The Board

The Board
  • Olanrele Oni, President & Founder
  • Justin Fair, Vice-President
  • Heather Kohlhepp
  • Ashley David
  • Tramour Wilson

Olanrele Oni, President & Founder

Olanrele OniOlanrele Oni (He/Him) was born in Akron Ohio (Go LeBron!) and moved to Nigeria when he was a toddler. At 15 years old, he came back to the United States in 2000 and has lived in the Baltimore area for over 15 years  Olanrele has an extensive background in human and social services, assisting low-income Marylanders to receive medical, food, and labor benefits to help families. He earned his BA in Political Science with a minor in Sociology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). Olanrele has a passion for all things sports because he enjoys the social, physical and mental benefits it can provide. As President and Founder of Unmatched Athlete, Olanrele wants to do his part in changing the toxic narrative that still exists in sports regarding LGBTQ+ people, especially black trans athletes. "We want to be a space where LGBTQ+ youth and allies, regardless of their experience, can enjoy all the benefits sports can offer towards the development of any youth. We also want to be an organization that supports LGBTQ+ student athletes towards taking a path to compete collegiately and professionally across all sports." Naturally, Olanrele is a politics and diplomacy policy-wonk and a lover of all things debate. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching sports (and could use a tennis lesson from Serena Williams).

Justin Fair, Vice-President

Justin FairJustin Fair (he/him) is Vice-President of Unmatched Athlete. He is a Baltimore native who works by day with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development in the rural counties-small cities program. He is an urban planner and artist by trade, and is a self-proclaimed know-it-all who immediately files everything away, including where he put his glasses. By night, he dreams of becoming a bodyweight warrior, and is on several boards across Baltimore, including board chair of the MissionFit youth gym. Justin is passionate to weave his interests of community development, fitness, and the arts; with being mindful and building family. 💼

Heather Kohlhepp

Heather KohlheppHeather has always been a sports fan and has played on various leagues since she was a child. She regularly participates in queer sports leagues in Baltimore. From learning to play with other and finding community, sports have made a huge impact on her life. She has experience in different sports and would love to pass some of that knowledge on to the younger generation! She serves with Team Smile, an organization that partners with professional sports organizations to offer free dental care to children. 💼

Ashley David

Ashley DavidAshley is the Senior Swim Director at The Dancel Y in Ellicott City. She has been with the Y since 2016. While at the Y she has worked with youth through aquatics programs and various other youth volunteer opportunities. She has provided mentorship for youth through lifeguard training for job opportunities and continued professional growth. Ashley obtained a degree in leadership in Physical Activity with specialty areas of aquatics and adapted. Throughout college she worked with many youth of all diversabilities by integrating movement into daily activities. Ashley has a passion for sports and has played numerous sports her whole life. In recent years, she has become a triathlete, completing multiple triathlons. Ashley is extremely excited to share her love and passion for sports, recreation, and fitness with youth so they can thrive! 💼

Tramour Wilson

Tramour WilsonTramour Wilson is Senior Director at the Pride Center of Maryland. With a 10+ year background in Public health, Nonprofit Development, and Social Work. He received his degree of certification from The University of Hawaii, Juniata College, and is currently on track to earn his PHD. Tramour is a social justice advocate, professional public speaker, and has a background in strategic planning and capacity building for organizations throughout the U.S. With an esteemed background in cultural competency Tramour has led protests geared to LGBTQ inclusion, public health issues, systematic racism, and police brutality. He is the founder of two non profits in Baltimore geared to elevating Black and African American folks throughout the city of Baltimore by empowering them to become the best version of themselves while building generational wealth. Tramour’s esteem goal in life is to empower minority communities and to enact legacy building.  💼