Board Meetings Schedule 2022


As required in Unmatched Athlete’s constitution and by-laws, Unmatched Athlete announces its four quarterly board meeting dates, to be held over Google Meet with tele-conference line. At the time of this posting, these are closed sessions and are not open to members or the general public. These dates are subject to change, and do not include any workgroups and interim board meetings or special meetings. 

  1. Thursday, February 24 7p-8p
  2. Thursday, May 26 7p-8p
  3. Thursday, August 25 7p-8p
  4. Thursday, December 1 6-7p

The board is currently holding a Call for Board Members. Each board member is expected to attend four quarterly meetings (at least two) and to stay in communication with the Board to offer guidance and assist in regular decision-making.

In keeping with Section 3.6 of the by-laws, members are not entitled to attend board meetings, but can attend open sessions. Open sessions occur only by approved invitation from the board. Open sessions are not open to the public unless explicitly voted upon by a quorum. 

Open sessions are scheduled to follow closed quarterly board meetings or closed special meetings. The Board reserves the right to reschedule open sessions or to provide accommodations depending on the situation. 

During open sessions, invited members have the right to provide recommendations to the Board; to propose agenda items; and to give their opinions. Members do not have the right to vote, nor to propose amendments to the constitution nor to the by-laws.

An open session may be available by video or audio  tele-conference, with reasonable notice. If the meeting should be delayed, reasonable measures will be taken to inform the membership.

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