Sports and Transphobia

On this episode of Transforming Together, the HopeWorks Podcast, MC Carey (they/them) brings in three guests for a deep dive conversation around sports and transphobia. Joined by the two founders of Unmatched Athlete, Justin Fair & Olanrele Oni, and trans health and sports advocate from Trans Maryland, Jack Mirabella, together they unpack the heavy wave of anti-transgender sports bills that have been hitting state legislatures all over the country as well as the undeniably important work of creating safe space for queer and trans youth to engage in sports. Sports are meant for everyone regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation and no one understands that better than Unmatched Athlete which works to create a safe and inclusive space for queer and trans youth to engage in sports and movement. You can learn more about Unmatched Athlete by visiting Interested in advocacy around the Transgender community in Maryland? Engage with the legislative, healthcare, and social advocacy coming out of Trans Maryland—a multi-racial, multi-gender, trans-led community power building organization dedicated to Maryland’s trans community. You can learn more about the Transgender specific advocacy Jack Mirabella is working on (and access resources regarding transgender legislation and healthcare) by visiting

Transforming Together, by HopeWorks of Howard County

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